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We believe that prioritising health is the pathway to realising your potential. Our focus is on assessing your current situation and helping you improve your habits so that you can perform all day, every day. We do this by offering a comprehensive physiotherapy management plan, lifestyle education and ongoing support.

We engineer  
a stronger body

Building resilience, movement and mindset.


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  • "The most important people in our lives are our children. So when I discussed with a friend potential physiotherapists to cater to my child’s needs, she instantly recommended Frank. Prior to our first meeting, Frank contacted me by phone to discuss my goals and desired outcomes. He researched my concerns and ensured that upon arrival we ‘hit the ground running’. My daughter was made to feel comfortable and instantly responded in a positive manner. I highly recommend Frank as his expertise and genuine drive to improve your overall health and wellbeing are outstanding."

    - LINDA B

  • "Frank is a passionate individual and is dedicated to his work. His treatments are highly effective but beyond that I’ve learnt so much about how to manage my body. There is a strong focus on correcting my technique which I implement during my training. This has increased my performance immensely."

    - Bianca Lavorato

  • "Frank helped me through my rehabilitation of injuries sustained on the soccer field. He took the time to provide a greater understanding and self-awareness of how my body works. This has limited my injuries and helped me make changes to my posture. I feel I can trust my body more and get through physical activity with less discomfort."


  • "Amazing, friendly staff and a beautifully fitted out clinic. The physiotherapists are extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I have felt significant improvements in my lower back pain since seeing Frank and I would highly recommend his services to anyone."


  • "Frank is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field. Both my husband and I have been treated by Frank and were highly impressed by his ability to instantly and accurately identify the issue at hand and provide the necessary treatment to alleviate our pain. He also provides advice regarding continuing exercises at home and preventing the problem in future. We highly recommend Frank to anyone who requires physio for any condition."


  • "Frank from Form Focus is truly amazing from my first visit he showed true professionalism at his job...not only hands on but his ability to share knowledge and encourage you. He has helped me with my journey with my prehab and also weight loss for which I am grateful .I have no hesitation in recommending Frank at Form Focus the best Physiotherapist I have been too."


  • "Frank is passionate about what he does and every sessions feels like a catch up with mate. Book your session in today!"


  • "Frank has always ensured that my body is in the best shape throughout my rugby season. As a semi professional athlete with a lot of reoccurring injuries a consistent physio is so important. Massive fan of Frank and his work."


  • "I started experiencing lower back pain following my last pregnancy. Frank was amazing! Explained what he was doing as he was going and explained why I was experiencing the pain. Noticed results immediately. Highly recommend his services."


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